Henry Muller

The Alchemist carries out cutting edge research into mutagens and extracts.



The Alchemist has discovered a method that allows mutagens to be infused and used by a third party, albeit with diminished effects. This is a huge breakthrough—extracts can be infused easily but it was thought to be impossible with mutagens. This got him noticed by the Lord Protector who attempted to recruit him into The Task Force, hoping to use the Alchemist’s infused mutagens for military applications. The Alchemist was offered money and resources that would make his research go much more smoothly in exchange for his cooperation.

The Alchemist denied the invitation, preferring to carry on his research without the distractions of politics and war. One day his sister came to him, distraught. She explained that her two children, the Alchemist’s niece and nephew, were escorted home last night after school by two men claiming to be friends from The Task Force. They didn’t harm the kids, but the Alchemist got the message.

With the threat of harm to his sister’s family looming over him, he feels he has little choice but to join The Task Force and cooperate.


The Sister, Cassandra Faulkner née Muller has a loving husband, 2 kids and a nice house in New Valor. Henry is very close to her and her family. Cassandra’s husband is both Henry’s brother-in-law and a trusted friend. The children look up to their uncle Henry who often brings alchemical trinkets to amaze them with.

The Father, Richard Jr. Muller, “Junior” for short, is a lecturer at the University. He often treats Henry like a child. He has always demanded more from Henry as an academic, possibly stemming from his own feelings of inadequacy when compared with his father.

The Grandfather, “Dicky” Muller, is a renowned adventurer who killed a dragon. With the Dragon’s Horde he was able to buy a place for himself, put down roots and live out a nice family life in comfort. He has an antagonistic relationship with his son Junior. Junior annoys him by treating him like an old man who isn’t capable anymore, he annoys Junior because he disapproves his career choice and is disappointed that his only son didn’t become an adventurer. He is very friendly with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Henry looks up to his grandfather more than his own father, despite having gone down the education route too. Henry is secretly enamored by his grandfather’s tales of adventure, but won’t admit as much to his family, having dedicated his life to research—No one wants to feel like they made the wrong life choices after all. But a secret yearning for adventure does gnaw away at him. Perhaps it’s in the blood.

Henry Muller

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