01 Intro

The Party retrieves a magical artifact for the Lord Protector of Valor, who uses it to awaken an ancient evil. A deus ex machina moment sets the story up for time travelling shenanigans to reclaim Valor.

Pre-Session notes (to be organised later)

God Type Name Race
War y’ghadem Orc
Healing Panacea Human

First Session

  • the douchebag Privy led us up to the Citadel, Mashag and he became quick enemies.
  • lord protector gathered the players together and told them they need the “katra”, an unkown weapon
  • lord protector says we have to go get it cos prophecy
  • Muller agrees to help in exchange for funding for his research
  • Mashag agrees to help in exchange for 1 on 1 combat with the Privy
  • Merisiel agrees to help in exchange for dosh
  • captain ulric von lichstenstein turned up to lead the players
  • lord protector kills family members of his men for failure
  • rolls gambit is the ship we boarded with von lichtensten
  • 3 day sailing trip. interrupted on day 2 by raiding orcs, who for some reason cant speak common very well. almost caveman like. or caveorc like.
  • von lichtenstein went overboard. Muller threw a rope to him and rescued him.
  • lichtenstein had us activate our medallions on the map, we got transported somewhere where it was daytime but we could see the stars. the stars were in different places, as if we’d moved a massive distance. we took a rowing boat to the island we beleived to be Old Valor.
  • we set up camp at the bottom of the mountain leading up to an ancient city. we setup under a large cliff where we found a ballista made of old valorian wood, still in working order. we used it to shoot a rope up which helped us ascend the cliff.
  • Found a water fountain which started glowing, muller took a sample, mashag drank from it and got hurt
  • snakeface pops out of a building, we defeat it by throwing bombs at it. as it dies it says “my brother will avenge me” or something to that effect. it was a theroian, a legendary beautiful creature that inhabited old valor. at the time of the fall they became monsters. thought to be creatures of legends and myths.
  • we explored the building it came out of. on the walls was a mural that depicted the party’s likeness (albeit much older) seting sail in seperate ships from a sinking island, then another of a huge city burning.
  • we found what was later confirmed as the katra, which we took and this seemed to trigger old valor and the island it sat upon to begin sinking.
  • we ran to the shore, clutching the katra, as the island sunk
  • we returned to the Rolls Royce, as the island sank completley under the sea
  • we triggered the medallions again which brought us back to the New Valor port. FOUR YEARS AFTER WE LEFT WTF IS THIS SHENNANIGANS. The douchebag Privy made us privy to this little fact.
  • The city is under siege from invading orc barbarians
  • We headed up to the citadel, abandoning fighting troops as they did everything they could to provide us safe passage.
  • The lord protector triggered the katra and laughed like an evil villain as a dark god made of dense smoke materialised. this was the god of darkness who wanted to plunge the world into darkness, whatever that meant exactly. it seems it was using the orcs to do this and the Lord Protector’s goals were aligned with its own.
  • After attempting to attack the god, Mashag activated his medallion, and the god of war popped in to the room, smacking the entire party with a hammer in the face transporting them to Mount Theopold
  • The party appeared on the clouds, looking down on to Valor as it burned. They spoke with the god of time who explained that to prevent this from coming to pass they needed to reclaim their destiny and reclaim true Destiny.
  • Muller and Mashag woke up in some civilised city, full of Orcs milling around, looking quite civilised and not surprised to see a bloody orc and disheveled human standing in the street.



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